KHOL’s Sounds of Now playlist brings spring music brimming with soul and energy

KHOL Music Director Jack Catlin, aka KnewJack, picks five of his favorite tracks from the new music racks.
The latest Sounds of Now playlist features tracks from artists Automatic, Maggie Rogers, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Ibibio Sound Machine and Jazzanova. (Courtesy photos)

by | May 6, 2022 | New Music, Sounds of Now

Jazzanova with DJ Amir (fourth from left) (Courtesy of Braden Harris)

Jazzanova feat. Sean Haefeli – Creative Musicians

Berlin-based collective Jazzanova have always loved and celebrated old records from the worlds of funk, jazz, disco and Latin music, so when they were tasked with reinterpreting songs from the iconic Detroit record label Strata, their dreams came true, in a way. Strata Records was a part of the Detroit jazz scene from 1969 to 1975 and Jazzanova helped reinvigorate an assortment of tracks from the catalog for fans of Strata’s historic recordings and new listeners alike. “Creative Musicians” stands out with its funky African horns and soul for days. A perfect soundtrack to the upcoming spring sunshine.

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul (Courtesy of Camille Vivier)

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – Ceci n’ est pas un cliché


The Soulwax co-produced debut album from Belgian duo Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Topical Dancer, grooves hard with sly wit and a biting tongue. No topic is off-limits as the duo seduces you onto the dance floor. The “cold as ice” lead single, “Ceci n’ est pas un cliché,” is a great start to any party; funky, inspiring, and super fun.

Ibibio Sound Machine (Courtesy of Simon Webb)

Ibibio Sound Machine – Protection From Evil

Electricity is the latest and arguably most progressive album yet from London’s Ibibio Sound Machine. Produced by the Grammy Award- and Mercury Prize-nominated synthpop group Hot Chip, the release is brimming with energy and unique instrumentation. Ibibio Sound Machine and Hot Chip had been admiring each other for years from various festival stages they shared so a full-on, immersive collaboration was a somewhat unexpected but natural match. Combining electronic synthesizers with organic African instruments, “Protection From Evil” hits like a ton of bricks with its pulsating and hypnotizing intro before becoming an absolute jam when bilingual frontwoman Eno Williams introduces the lead instrument: her commanding voice.

Maggie Rogers (Courtesy of Olivia Bee)

Maggie Rogers – That’s Where I Am

On her latest single, Maryland-native Maggie Rogers celebrates the warm and fuzzy feelings of a budding romance. The track is the first taste of her upcoming LP, Surrender, and features her soaring vocals, electrified synths and a neck-snapping beat to effectively produce an almost perfect pop song dripping with sass and swagger. Check out the fun video celebrating young life in New York City featuring a cameo from David Byrne if you get the chance.

Automatic (Courtesy of Logan White)

Automatic – New Beginning

Stones Throw label’s all-female group Automatic is back with their new album, Excess. Their sophomore effort was heavily inspired by the confrontation of the 1970s underground with the corporate culture of the 1980s and how it relates to our, at times, extravagant modern-day society. “New Beginning” starts out intentionally sparse with a slinky bassline, a seductive dead-pan voice and little drum fills before kicking in with a turbo boost of shock-inducing synths and robotic hand claps. The song imagines the “nihilism and loneliness” that would ensue if the ultra-rich get their wish of intergalactic space travel.

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