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Let that winter frost thaw with this KHOL playlist of new songs that keep your finger on the pulse.

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Logic1000 – Heartbeat

Australia-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Logic1000 aka Samantha Poulter collects a myriad of influences like UK funky, disco, and ’90s house into an assortment of dynamic dance tracks inspired by parenthood and mental health on her debut long player Mother. Written in collaboration with her husband and long-time creative partner, Thom McAlister, the album’s creation almost didn’t happen.

Via her Instagram account Poulter says Mother represents “a time when I broke into a million little pieces and built myself up again, piece by piece.” 


Now 37, Poulter was diagnosed with schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression in her mid-twenties. Although successfully managing her mental health for years, at the time of the record’s production she was juggling a newborn baby girl, relocating to a new city, and a massive amount of pressure from the music industry to tour as a performer. For her health, Poulter retreated from DJing and focused on finishing the album she and McAlister had started months prior.

Mother showcases Poulter’s renowned melodic style with a keen pop sensibility that serves both the underground and the mainstream. The album’s tracks are bouncy, vulnerable, and thought-provoking, including the standout, “Heartbeat.” Channeling the power of classic Chicago house music, the song’s warm bass line, tickling sonic textures, and sweeping beat will have you deep in Logic1000’s groove.



Glass Beams – Orb

The origins of the Melbourne-based Glass Beams can be traced back to founding member Rajan Silva’s obsession with a live concert film from 2002. Concert for George is a celebration of the life and music of George Harrison featuring performances from legendary Indian sitar player, Ravi Shankar, alongside Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and ELO’s Jeff Lynne. Silva and his father would repeatedly watch the film together and marvel at the fusion of Western musical styles with traditional Indian music.

That combination of East and West, of old and new, has been the central focus of the enigmatic mask-wearing trio since their formation in 2020. Glass Beams’ music melds the elements of Australian surf rock and electronica with traditional Indian music. The result is a psychedelic concoction full of groove and mystique. The track “Orb” from their latest EP, Mahal, encapsulates that mystique perfectly with its haunting vocal elements, distorted synths, and propulsive rhythm.



Royel Otis – Fried Rice

Sydney, Australia’s Royel Otis – childhood friends Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell – provide lively guitar-driven indie pop that never takes itself too seriously. Their new album, PRATTS & PAIN, is spontaneous and energy-filled. The LP’s namesake, Pratts & Payne, is a pub in South London, near the home studio of producer Dan Carey who has worked with bands like Wet Leg and Fontaines D.C. 

Pavlovic and Maddell would frequent the pub during writing sessions for the new album and come up with lyrics over pints and shots —the loose approach and emphasis on fun drives the contents of PRATTS & PAIN. Standout “Fried Rice” is anthemic, uplifting, and criminally catchy with a bouncy bass groove, sparkling guitar riffs, and sing-along choruses.



Yellow Days – Mrs. Moonlight

East London’s Yellow Days (aka George van den Broek) broke onto the scene at age 16 when an EP he recorded at his parents’ house had him lauded as the next big thing. Since then he’s become known for his sultry brand of psychedelic indie-pop filled with stories of angst and existentialism. 

His latest album, Hotel Heaven, is a conceptual affair about a high-end luxury hotel whose glitzy exterior masks a darker presence lurking beneath the surface. The record’s lead single, “Mrs. Moonlight,” features Yellow Days’ dynamic voice jumping easily from full-bodied soul to barely audible whisper over top of a hypnotic jazz piano motif; weaving a tale about a couple whose seemingly unbreakable love is fading fast.



Chicano Batman – Live Today

Los Angeles’ Chicano Batman are at their biggest and boldest on their new album Notebook Fantasy which features a mix of cumbia, funk, and psychedelic rock. The record is a freewheeling adventure full of chunky guitars, melodic swells, and infectious hooks. The opener, “Live Today” features a punchy groove and otherworldly synth with lyrics that recommend not letting life’s chaos get in the way of a centered peace of mind.

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