Underwrite your business


What Is Underwriting
“Advertising” on public radio is called underwriting. Simply put, underwriting is when KHOL gives on-air recognition of your contribution to the station.

When you underwrite with KHOL, your message is heard by our 40,000 listeners. KHOL features no more than two underwriting spots per hour. Your message won’t get buried in a cluttered bombardment of canned commercial ads.

Build Goodwill
In addition to building awareness of your products and services, underwriting with KHOL builds goodwill for your business or organization by demonstrating your support of public and community radio.

Write It Off
KHOL is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your support ensures that KHOL continues to be a vital resource in Jackson. Good for your business, good for the community.

Enhance Your Image
Listeners automatically associate your business with public radio’s quality programming.


Aired 7am-5pm; choose your range of dates and number of spots per day.

Number of Spots

Business Rate 

                                   Nonprofit Rate 

Cost per spot


Cost per spot




31 – 59



60 – 89



90 – 119



120 – 179



180 – 279



280 +



Rates for Flagship Shows

Flagship Shows

1 Month

3 Month

1 year

Daily Local




Daily National




Weekly Local



Weekly National



Jackson Unpacked




*$10,000 for exclusive sponsorship


What We Can Say About You
• The name of your business
• The location, website and phone number where our listeners can reach you
• Value-neutral descriptions of products and services
• Audio slogans that identify and do not promote

What Can’t Be Said
• Pricing information, such as “tickets are $15 at the door”
• Calls to actions, such as “stop by our store”
• Subjective language about the problem your product or service solves
• Inducements to purchase, such as “discounted service for 3 months”
• Qualitative or comparative language, such as “your #1 choice for coffee”
• Award recognition (Best of JH, Emmy award winning, etc.)

Copy Length
Underwriting announcements are approximately 15-25 seconds in length.



“Support for KHOL comes from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, working to build philanthropy and strengthen nonprofits in Teton County. More at cfjacksonhole.org.”

“KHOL supporters include Wyoming Untrapped, dedicated to a safe and humane environment for people, pets and wildlife by education and trapping regulation reform. More at WyomingUntrapped.org.”

“Supporters Include Snow King Mountain – Easy access, free parking, ticket prices that don’t make your heart stop, and activities for everyone are waiting for you at Snow King Mountain. More information at www.snowkingmountain.com.”

“Supporters include The Hub Bicycles. The Hub’s mid-winter labor sale runs through the end of January with discounts on all labor ranging from simple tunes to full bike builds. The Hub Bicycles shop is located 1160 Alpine Lane. More information at 307-200-6144.”

“KHOL is supported by Eco-Fair, celebrating environmental stewardship with sustainability-oriented booths, live music, local food and more, Saturday May 10th from noon to 5pm at the Snow King ball field. More info at JacksonEcoFair.org.”

Contact reed@jhcr.org or call 307-733-4030 to learn more. 

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