Voices of Jackson

A 2020 Oral History Project

The pandemic, a national election, and a reckoning with racial injustice are colliding to make 2020 a year like no other. What does this moment feel like to you, a resident of western Wyoming? Share your perspective for the Voices of Jackson oral history project. 

We’ll be hosting recording/listening sessions at the Teton County Library on November 17, 18 and 19 from 4 – 7 p.m. Everyone is invited to swing by to record your perspective. No appointment necessary. 

Community members can also submit recordings to us directly via the below form. All you need is a cellphone. 

Directions to submit remotely. 

  1. Open Voice Memos app your phone (or similar voice recorder).
  2. Press red button to begin recording.
  3. Speak clearly into your phone addressing the prompts below. Submit no more than two minutes of audio.
  4. Save your audio file and submit either via the form below or email voices@jhcr.org.

To include in your audio recording:

State your name, what you do (your passion, what you do for a living, or both), and how long you’ve lived in Jackson, WY.

Speak to the following questions:

  • What does this moment feel like to you, a resident of western Wyoming?
  • What is unique about living in Jackson through 2020?
  • What are you hopeful about? 
  • What are you concerned about?

Voices of Jackson

Oral history submission

This project is in partnership with the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative and made possible by generous support from Wyoming Humanities and Arts for All.

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