Voices of Jackson

A Community Oral History Project

We’re now broadcasting intermittent excerpts from news interviews and other conversations that KHOL staff members and freelancers are having with community members like you. This idea grew out of our 2020 project “Voices of Jackson,” through which we featured snippets of local residents’ pandemic experiences on the air. This effort is reflective of our mission to bring a diverse mix of local voices to KHOL’s airwaves. 

2020 Project

The pandemic, a national election, and a reckoning with racial injustice made 2020 a year like no other. We captured this moment from the perspective of the diverse residents living in western Wyoming and eastern Idaho. This project is largely inspired by “This I Believe” and StoryCorps. Listen below to some of the project participants, an archive of these historic times.

This project is in partnership with the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative and made possible by generous support from Wyoming Humanities and Arts for All.

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