Virtual event to help Idahoans prepare for natural disasters

AARP Idaho is holding a town hall on preparing for disasters before they strike.
Only 29% of respondents to a recent AARP survey said they had a backup power generator. (Oleksandr/Adobe Stock)

On Tuesday, the regional Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator and Idaho Office of Emergency Management director will discuss some of the potential disasters Idahoans should be prepared for, including wildfires, excessive heat, snowstorms and even earthquakes.

Lupe Wissel, state director for AARP Idaho, said older Idahoans should familiarize themselves with the technology that could help them in a disaster.

“Older Idahoans are more vulnerable and susceptible to emergencies,” Wissel pointed out. “The challenge is accessing the technology and using it beforehand to be prepared as possible if and when disaster strikes.”

recent AARP survey found there are gaps in the disaster preparedness tools older Americans have on hand. For instance, nearly three in five do not have portable chargers for their mobile devices and more than one in three do not have extra prescription medication in the event of an emergency.

Wissel suggested people should make a checklist before they are faced with a disaster to ensure they have everything they need.

“It is better to be prepared and not ever need to use all the tools that you have than not be prepared and find yourself in trouble,” Wissel stressed.

The town hall takes place Tuesday at 11 a.m. MT. People can see the livestream on the AARP Idaho Facebook page or join by phone at 866-767-0637.

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