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Here are the Top 5 Albums added to the new music rack at 89.1 FM KHOL for the week of August 19th, 2014. Tune into 89.1FM KHOL to hear tracks from these artists and dozens of…

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Here are the Top 5 Albums added to the new music rack at 89.1 FM KHOL for the week of August 19th,
2014. Tune into 89.1FM KHOL to hear tracks from these artists and dozens of other albums added to our new music rack every week.


Allah Las

Worship The Sun

Listen if you like: Temples, Black Angels, Kurt Vile, The Animals, The Byrds, Love

This LA band’s second album is another well-crafted blend of ‘60s-steeped psych, surf, garage and folk-rock with jangly reverbed guitars and dreamy pop melodies. – Don Yates, KEXP


Caroline Rose

I Will Not Be Afraid

Listen if you like: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Lucinda Williams, Townes Van Zandt


I Will Not Be Afraid is the debut album from Caroline Rose, a 24-year-old songwriter with a touch of vintage Bob Dylan blues-rock and a whole lot of wanderlust. Characterized by Rose’s own brand of up-tempo folk-rock, the album chronicles Caroline’s wandering years; a disillusioned youth constantly demanding freedom and the most from life. Rose’s untamable spirit bleeds through in the fiery album, as her sultry voice narrates a traveller’s journey through failure and passion. I Will Not Be Afraid is as twangy, rootsy and unapologetically upbeat as its name suggests. – Terrorbird


Fela Kuti

Finding Fela OMPST

Listen if you like: Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

The soundtrack to the film Finding Fela which tells the story of Fela Kuti s life, his music, and his social and political importance. This in-depth look at the man who created Afrobeat (the fusion of Jazz, traditional West African rhythms, Funk, Highlife, and psychedelic rock) includes 17 of Fela’s classic tracks plus a never-before released live version of “Colonial Mentality” recorded at the New Afrika Shine in Fela’s hometown of Lagos and features Femi Kuti on saxophone. With his audacious music and much courage, Fela helped fight corruption and autocracy in freshly democratized Nigeria


J Mascis

Tied To A Star

Listen if you like: Dinosaur Jr., Lou Barlow, Kurt Vile,Thurston Moore, Mark Lanegan, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Mazzy Star

J Mascis’ Tied to a Star is the follow up to his acclaimed Sub Pop debut Several Shades of Why. The album, led by the songs “Every Morning” and “Wide Awake,” was recorded and produced by Mascis and mixed by John Agnello at Bisquiteen in Amherst, MA. Tied to a Star also features guest appearances from musicians Ken Maiuri (Young@Heart Chorus), Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion) and Chan Marshall (Cat Power). – Sub Pop




Listen if you like: Fever Ray, Air France, Beach House

The emergence of Swedish duo JJ in March 2009 was both meaningful and mysterious. A debut single, jj no.1, enchanted the music press, simultaneously existing across indie-pop and hip-hop spectrums, excitingly new and yet frustratingly vague in its presentation. This was a taste, a scent, something intangible, an impression made without force. The music was here, but little else its makers remained anonymous. Pitchfork’s Best New Music review for the band s debut album, summer 2009’s jj no.2, spoke first of their enigmatic qualities, rather than precisely what this music was: another sumptuous menagerie of styles, blended by an expert hand, intoxicating and otherworldly. Evidently at the top of their game in 2014, JJ are ready to, in Benon’s words, “communicate with the world,” quite unlike they’ve ever done so before. They’re embracing, not retreating. Besides, mysteries are more frustrating than fascinating without resolution. – Secretly Canadian

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