The healing powers of Aaron Davis’ new EP ‘Medicine’

The local musician performs songs from the release and shares the stories behind them.
The album cover of Aaron Davis' latest release "Medicine." (Sam Pope)

“Medicine Lid” from Aaron Davis’ new EP was inspired by an old hat gifted to him by a stranger.

Davis, a Hoback-based multi-instrumentalist, had been attracted to the dilapidated fly-fishing hat in a shop near Jackson’s town square. The shop owner told him it had belonged to a recently deceased friend and gave it to him.

“So I was like, ‘Well, I have to write a song for this guy,’” Davis said. “It’s my goal to walk back into that shop and hand him this tune.” 

The song tells the tale of a Montana fly fisherman gone too soon and unseen forces in the world that bond us together as human beings. 

‘Organically over time’

Davis has long been an essential force in both the local community and the larger Americana roots music scene in Wyoming. A Kentucky native, Davis utilizes unique sonic textures to concoct a blend of alt-country, slide blues, Western swing and funky roots rock as a platform for stories of overlooked characters.

His latest offering, “Medicine,” is his 12th release overall and 5th solo album containing four songs bound by medicinal themes. Davis explained his preference for songs that are developed over time when putting together a new release.

“I usually like to play [them] live and develop [them] a little bit, either on my own or with the band and have input that evolves organically over time,” Davis said. “These songs fit into that box. They had been played and adjusted to the point where I was really excited to finally put them down and record them.”

Texas bound

When it came time to lay down the tracks of his new release, Davis left the comfort of his home studio, Three Hearted Recording in Hoback, Wyo., for the familiar surroundings of a friend’s studio in Austin, Texas. Ramble Creek is where he recorded the first two albums with Screen Door Porch, an alt-folk-rock project with his wife Seadar Rose Davis. 

Aaron said the need to get out of his own head and be more efficient is what drove him to Austin.

“It forced me to be more prepared on the front end,” Davis said. “With my last three releases, I’ve had time to be able to fiddle with it and I didn’t want to be able to tinker anymore. I wanted to have it be more performances in the studio and and when I walked out of there three days later, I had a product. It was incredible.”

Listen above for KHOL’s full conversation with and performance by Aaron Davis.

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