Series fosters burgeoning comedy scene in Jackson Hole

The Austin-based couple behind Can't Even Comedy brings the third installment of their stand up series to The Cloudveil on Aug. 29.
Caitlin Bensen, co-founder of Can't Even Comedy, opens the set with jokes of her own. (Courtesy photo.)

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Performing Arts

While the U.S. comedy scene has historically been centered in Los Angeles and New York, a new series from Can’t Even Comedy aims to bring stand-up to small towns across America, including Jackson. 

Company co-founder and comedian Caitlin Bensen said that the idea came about after the couple moved from Los Angeles to Austin.

“We realized how much of a demand there was in these smaller towns and how much more appreciated the art form is when you’re bringing it to places where they don’t just have access to it,” Bensen explained.  

She said audiences were immediately receptive and that doing comedy in smaller places gives acts more “wiggle room to explore.”


“As a comic in L.A., because that’s where I started, not only is the comedy scene supersaturated on any given night, but the town itself is comprised of a lot of people who are in the entertainment business,” Bensen said. “So. you’ll get a lot of audience members who are just hyper-critical of what you’re doing.”

Can’t Even Comedy launched their Jackson series this past June at The Cloudveil. They will be performing again on Tuesday, Aug. 29. Bensen will open the evening with her own stand-up act and will be followed by two guest artists. The series will continue on Sept. 24.

Listen below for an interview with Can’t Even Comedy founders, Maxwell and Caitlin Bensen.

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