“Sagebrush Empire” Author Discusses ‘Gategate,’ Bears Ears and More

Justin Higginbottom of KZMU in Moab interviews Western writer Jonathan Thompson about his new book.
Valley of the Gods
Valley of the Gods lost monument status in 2017 under the Trump administration. After President Biden’s recent proclamation, it’s back under the Bears Ears National Monument designation. (U.S. Bureau of Land Management)

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Books


The new book “Sagebrush Empire: How a Remote Utah County Became the Battlefront of American Public Lands” by Western writer Jonathan Thompson details the longstanding fight over public lands in southeastern Utah. Justin Higginbottom of KZMU in Moab spoke with the author about the roots of the conflict and what to expect after the recent restoration of Bears Ears National Monument.

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About Justin Higginbottom

Justin Higginbottom works for KZMU in Moab, Utah. Justin joined KZMU News in 2021 as a reporter. His first journalism gig was at a newspaper in Salt Lake City. After that he moved to Cambodia to work for an English-language daily. He lived across Asia and the Middle East, writing features on culture and conflict, before coming back home to Utah.

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