Rock band Futurebirds perform new songs on KHOL

The Georgia-based group popped into KHOL in between shows at The Mangy Moose.
Jackson favorites Futurebirds recently performed back-to-back shows at The Mangy Moose in Teton Village. (Courtesy of Futurebirds)

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Rock band Futurebirds’ latest EP, “Bloomin’ Too,” is a benchmark that not only celebrates 13 years together, but features an intoxicating combination of space rock, alt-country, and beach bum ballads that show off the Birds’ broad musical palette.

For “Bloomin’ Too,” the Athens, Georgia-based group once again tapped My Morning Jacket guitarist/producer Carl Broemel to man the boards after having success together with the acclaimed 2021 EP, “Bloomin’.”

In advance of the second of two shows at The Mangy Moose on Saturday, August 19, Futurebirds singer/guitarists Thomas Johnson, Daniel Womack and Carter King joined KHOL DJ Kevin P live in the studio for a chat and performance of new and unreleased songs.

The following interview transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity. This conversation was recorded on Saturday, August 19.

KEVIN P/KHOL: Carter, you were quoted on your website saying that Futurebirds is the best it’s ever been right now. Can you expand on that?

CARTER KING: Yeah, maybe not like technically or musically, but just as friends and having a good time.

THOMAS JOHNSON: This version of the band and this collection of people feels like the most complete and balanced.

DANIEL WOMACK: We’ve never been more on the same page. We’ve been doing it together, the core members at least, for a while now. So it’s good to have some other team members on now that are on the same page as us. We have a strong van community right now and we’re stoked to go the distance with it.

KHOL: I know touring is a huge part of your life. What does touring do for you individually and as a band?

JOHNSON: As a band, it’s the primary income driver. It’s the thing that allows us to continue making records and doing everything else that we are trying to do with this and growing. It’s also a super humbling and awesome thing to be able to make somewhat of a decent living playing shows and traveling with so many people coming out to see us. It’s very rewarding in that way.

On the other hand, we all have home lives and different things we have going on and it can be challenging. So for there to be such a reward is really awesome because it’s something that puts stress on a lot of the other areas of your life. So to have the payoff is pretty sweet.

WOMACK: It’s kind of like the ‘how’ and the ‘why as well because it’s ‘how’ we continue to do it by touring and generating revenue, of course. But it’s also the ‘why’ because that’s what provides us with the fun and all the good times that are necessary for us to want to keep doing this. So that’s the whole point of it all for us. We had to learn how to play the guitar so we could come out to Jackson Hole and snowboard in the winter!

KHOL: And you recently played the infamous snowstorm show?

WOMACK: We did! Rendezvous Fest {at JHMR] on April 1st. This year was wild. They had to cut the Ryan Bingham set short, unfortunately.

KING: Ryan Bingham was playing in snow goggles.

WOMACK: It was 40-mile-an-hour winds, but honestly we had the best slot of the day because it was dumping powder and we got to finish our set and it was so much fun. Everyone was still out and the sun was still up. The wind was like 25 miles an hour. But we had a really good time. That’s one we will never forget. Playing in puffer jackets with hand warmers in your pockets that you can get between songs.

KING: That’s just a typical Jackson spring day, though, right?

JOHNSON: It’s one of those things where you get there and you’re like, ‘All right, we’re really doing this.’ And it rallies everybody together for a common cause. In the context of the band, we’re like, ‘We’re doing this. Let’s go for it.’ And also with the crowd, like, ‘Y’all are here. We’re here. Let’s brave this [together]. And it kind of becomes its own little thing in a way. It’s special. It’s kind of like you’re in the twilight zone. You’re like, ‘This is insane.’ We have our ear warmers on and hats and we’re all bundled up. It was just a very bizarre thing, but it was fun.

Listen above for KHOL’s full conversation with the band Futurebirds.

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