We Are Now Streaming Online!

You asked for it, now here it is: 89.1 FM KHOL is now officially broadcasting online!

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You asked for it, now here it is: 89.1 FM KHOL is now officially broadcasting online!

    To listen to 89.1 FM KHOL online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click to download our stream file ‘live.m3u’
  2. Locate ‘live.m3u’ on your computer
  3. Load or drag ‘live.m3u’ into your media playing program (ie iTunes or Windows Media Player)

Boom! Jackson Hole Community Radio will be broadcasting through your speakers.

You can pause or stop the stream, as well as start it again from that same file without having to download it again. You can also rename the stream once the file is loaded into iTunes to something like ‘89.1 KHOL ROCKS!’

Want to keep up with what our volunteers are playing online? Visit our Spinitron page for current and past playlists from all of our programming.

Very soon, we will also be offering our broadcast in a player that loads within your web browser and also be loaded into your favorite radio apps (ie iHeart Radio) so you can tune in on your mobile device. We will also have our current and playlist info loaded right here on our site. This is a big milestone for Jackson Hole Community Radio and we could not have gotten here without all of our awesome listeners community supporters. Thank you!


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