Local Twang Funk Band Strumbucket Readies Debut Album

Band members discuss the evolution of their sound, hosting a radio show on KHOL and the process behind their upcoming debut album.
Strumbucket says they don't take themselves too seriously but take what they do seriously. (Courtesy of Madison Webb)

The local band Strumbucket’s sound has been described as “twang funk,” a mix of country, rock, bluegrass, jazz and funk. Some of their many influences include The Allman Brothers, Curtis Mayfield, Little Feat, Bootsy Collins and Ween.

The group is known for their lighthearted nature and for wanting their audiences to have just as much fun as they do playing live.

In advance of a recent show at the Silver Dollar, lead singer and banjo player Alex Blackwelder and drummer Peter Henderson joined us in the KHOL studio to discuss the evolution of the band’s sound, the similarities between their live sets and “The Fondue,” a radio show Blackwelder and Henderson host on KHOL, and the process of shaping their upcoming debut album.


Listen above for more.

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