Debut Album from Inland Isle Marks Band’s Full Transformation

The new folk-rock band discusses the eerie digs where they recorded "Time Has Changed Us" and how the new album has changed them. They entered the studio as Canyon Kids and came out Inland Isle.
Inland Isle's Leif Routman, Shawn Fleming, Pat Chadwick and Dusty Nichols. (Courtesy Lindley Rust)

Inland Isle is a new folk-rock band with a deep connection to Jackson’s burgeoning music scene. These seasoned musicians, Pat Chadwick, Dusty Nichols, Leif Routman and Shawn Fleming, have built a sound set to grow far beyond Jackson. 

Their debut album features various themes of change with songs that confront the effects of a tumultuous political climate on personal relationships. The eight-track album was produced by drummer and experienced professional engineer Fleming and mastered by Brian Lucey who has worked on music for The Black Keys and The Shins.

After escaping to an eerie Montana cabin to record the album last fall, Inland Isle is set to release “Time Has Changed Us” early next year. 


To celebrate the premiere of their spooky new single “Celestine” and its accompanying lyric video, lead singer Chadwick and lead guitarist Nichols joined us in the KHOL studio.

Listen above for more and watch the lyric video below.


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