KHOL Ten Year Anniversary T-Shirt Design Contest

Thanks for your interest in designing our 10th anniversary 89.1 KHOL T Shirt!

Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started:

-We are looking for an original design that incorporates the established KHOL logo (above) and celebrates our 10 year anniversary! You can request our logo in your preferred format via or (307) 733-4030.

-There is no requirement for how or where the logo is featured, although all logo text must be clearly legible.

-The rest of the design must not contain any other icons, trademarks, etc. It must be an original piece of art!

-We will be printing these shirts in the interest of fundraising for KHOL, with the understanding that the image you submit will be owned by Jackson Hole Community Radio and used exclusively for that purpose.

-With that in mind we are unfortunately unable to offer a cash prize. However we will acknowledge you graciously on our airwaves, social media channels, and direct email content whenever promoting the shirts. And of course, sign your art! You can see what your design might look like at

-We can however guarantee you (and a friend) entry to all KHOL events in the 2018 calendar year, along with providing you two KHOL merchandise items of your choosing, and exposure for your art to reach thousands of people. You will also get 4 t shirts with your design on them to do what you like with, and have the option to come chat on the radio about your art, and what inspired your design.

-We will be accepting designs in .jpeg format (>300 resolution), .eps, .ai or .psd via email to

-All applications must be received by December 1, 2017, with an estimated production date of January 2018.

Below are links to download the KHOL logo:

KHOL Logo – Black

KHOL Logo – Vector – Black

KHOL Logo – Vector – White

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