Daniela Peterson Joins The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors

The founder of Vista Counseling will be among the first Latinas to help govern the critical local philanthropic organization.
Peterson is a native of Chile who moved to Jackson in 2004. She holds a master's degree in psychology and has worked for numerous nonprofits in town. (Courtesy of Daniela Peterson)

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Health, Social Problems

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is a pillar of Jackson’s philanthropic ecosystem. The foundation supports a wide variety of nonprofits–including KHOL–and is welcoming three new board members this year. One of them will be among the first Latinas to sit on the board, though the governance body has included representatives from Jackson’s Hispanic/Latino community for more than a decade. KHOL’s Spanish-language reporter Alicia Unger spoke with News Director Kyle Mackie about the appointment in English and also interviewed Peterson in Spanish about her priorities in the new role.

KYLE MACKIE/KHOL: Alicia, you interviewed Daniela Petersen. Can you tell us a bit about Daniela and why her addition to the board is so important for the Jackson community?

ALICIA UNGER: Definitely. According to Daniela, she’s been in town for over 18 years. She is originally from Chile, where she has her bachelor’s [degree] as a psychologist. And she got her master’s [degree] once she moved to Jackson. She is a very important asset to the community. She’s been involved in many organizations, nonprofits, [for] a long period of time. So, therefore, she got invited to The Community Foundation over a year ago, and she was reviewing their requests for grants. And now she just got invited by the president and other board members to be part of the board. So, she’s very proud that she can give the Latin community a voice.


KHOL: Right. And we know that representation for marginalized groups is so critical on nonprofit boards. And that’s something nonprofits all over the country have been trying to [do is] diversify those boardrooms. So, what does Daniela say that some of her main priorities are going to be in this new position?

UNGER: Yes. Well, there is a lot of issues, but they’re going to focus right now in mental health. Because, as she explained, if you’re not well mentally, you cannot work. You cannot function properly in life. So, because the pandemic hit the town, very difficult, especially to minorities, the foundation right now wants to focus and provide help to all [these] communities in order to start moving forward to other issues.

KHOL: Okay great. Well, thank you, Alicia, for your reporting and we will go now to your full interview with Daniela Petersen en español.

UNGER: Enjoy it.

Listen above for the full interview between Unger and Peterson in Spanish.





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Born in Mexico City, Alicia is a multi-platform journalist with more than 20 years of experience in radio and television. As a news producer, anchor and reporter, Alicia has earned several Emmy nominations and awards. Currently, she also serves as KHOL's Spanish-language correspondent.

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