Get Involved with KHOL

KHOL is a volunteer-driven radio station. We can’t do this without you.

KHOL holds trainings for new DJs multiple times a year. If you would like to become a volunteer DJ for KHOL, first, fill out this application. We will be in touch when schedule the next training. Volunteers are asked to make a six-month commitment to the organization.

If you want to volunteer in other ways (ex. behind the scenes or with fundraising drives), email executive director Emily Cohen at

Have an idea for a podcast or radio show?

We’d love to hear from you. We’re accepting pitches for locally produced cultural programming and audio storytelling.


Shows can be either in the form of interstitial programming or long-form podcasts and involve a minimum six-month commitment. 

Interstitial segments are quick, informative and easily digestible — generally under two minutes. Climate Connections, Pulse of the Planet, and Soundbeat are all nationally produced interstitial programs we air each weekday. Take a listen to get an understanding of what this length of programming entails. Ideas for interstitial programming include fitness tips, wildlife facts, or anything else that listeners might find interesting. 

Long-form podcasts are generally weekly half-hour or one-hour shows. These podcasts can be produced as either 29 or 59-minute episodes. Decide which best suits your medium, and what your show structure might look like. Whether it’s long-form interviews, quick-cut segments, or drawn-out narratives, we’re open to all of it. Often podcasts are pre-scripted (even if they don’t sound like it!). Generally speaking, one page of text equals 2 minutes of audio. 


Producers can reserve up to two hours of KHOL studio time each week in the evenings or on weekends at no cost. KHOL uses Adobe Audition to record and edit. 

You can also produce your show at home. Here are a few tips on recording from home. Audacity and Reaper are free audio recording and production softwares. The Samsung Q2U mic is a high-quality and affordable mic we recommend. 

 Whether interstitial or long-form, we ask that producers create five episodes before we begin broadcasting. Production takes time and having a few shows in the can, so to speak, allows for a bit more time for production once we do start broadcasting.  

How to pitch

Please email a paragraph with the general outline of your idea, as well as your plan to execute your podcast/show, to Please note whether you have any audio production experience and if so include links to past work. Previous audio production experience is not required, but new producers will be expected to learn whatever software works for them independently. KHOL staff members can advise on specific recording and production issues.

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