KHOL Community Hero Nominations

Congratulations to the 21 nominees of the Community Heroes Awards

We will announce the finalists in our June 16th edition of Jackson Unpacked. The winner will be announced at our anniversary party at the Center for the Arts on June 20.


Andrew Munz | Anne Cresswell | Augusta Friendsmith | Charlotte Souter and Anna Knaeble | Chase Lockhart | Chris Kitchen | Florin Ion | Giovannina Anthony | Ian Johnston | Isabel Zumel | Jean Day | Jim Hesser | Johnny Ziem | Jonathan Schechter |KC Bess |Matt Hansen |Megan Jenkins |Randy Reedy |Susan Jones |Wren Fialka


 Nominated by their peers, here are the collective accomplishments they have made to the Jackson Hole Community


Saw a need and stepped up to make a difference *  Inspires us, makes us laugh and brings diversity to our community * Loyal, caring and wants the best for this community * Selfless and doesn’t want credit for hard work *  Develops and brings essential affordable housing to those in need * Volunteers on several boards  of organizations who empower others * Eased the financial burden of raising children * Created a community for families in challenging times * Raises awareness about maternal mental health * Homegrown native and determined to give back * Genuine local who looks you in the eye when shaking your hand * Unparelleled humbleness and kindess * Jumps out of helicopters to save people lost or injured * Telling stories of our region through film for two decades * Long time resident, lifelong adventurer, skier and fisherman * Hilarious and Kind * Always pleasant and welcoming at the Smith’s self-checkout counter * Never has an unkind thing to say, always stays late to clean up * Always willing to help, share talents and give to others in need * Devoted career to women’s health and their families for 25 years * Brave enough to take a difficult fight to court advocating for others  *  Has the most positive attitude and character is infectious *  Gave over 600 hours of free time volunteering to help save others * The mastermind behind many of the programs for youth, women and underserved communities *  Does the heavy lifting but won’t take the credit *  Action-oriented leader who puts the needs of marginalized community members first * Helps both young and old in Jackon for 30 years *  All efforts over the decades has helped make our community stronger *  Moved the needle in our community by helping some of our most struggling children find hope, help and connection * Led the board in such a way that invites participation and connection with some of the communities toughest issues * When not picking up trash by the roadside in spare time, is facilitating important infrastructure projects to benefit air, water, soil, wildlife and human quality of life * A voice of reason, thoughtfulness, and data in our community * Helped cultivate a culture of river safety * Supports growth amongst friends and peers * Treats every person and every story with genuine interest…with journalistic intuition that reflects truth and dignity in the mode of storytelling * Always available for friends, family and the community *  Manages the department who are the first people visitors meet when coming to valley * Deals directly with homeowners to make sure drinking water is safe * Graciously greets every person as an old friend * Backbone of the Wednesday night community free dinner * Amazing teacher and inspires kids to shine through music *  Passionate about music and willingness to share talents is above and beyond * Selflessly serves the homeless population locally and nationwide *  


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